About Us

About St2u

St2u is not just a store; it’s an experience, a journey into the world of intelligent play for children. Our mission is simple yet profound: to ignite creativity, stimulate learning, and foster development through innovative and smart toys.

We do not just sell toys

Personalized Baby Gifts Store

St2u isn’t just a shop; it’s a sanctuary for personalized children’s treasures. We recognize the significance of meaningful gifts that endure. From captivating busy boards fostering exploration to charming name puzzles enhancing cognitive abilities, our assortment reflects our dedication to crafting gifts that hold sentimental value and are fondly remembered.


  • Company Number: 93-3324447
  • Head Office United States: 812 First St, Manhattan, IL 60442
  • Phone: 720 986 0866 (SMS Only)
  • Email: support@st2u.com